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Best faux rock recipe

Waterproof & Super Tough Hypertufa Faux Rocks


If you want to make super tough artificial rocks use this no-fail faux rock recipe


This hypertufa recipe is an excellent choice for any garden art object you wish to fabricate that will come into contact with constant ground water/moisture; if you live in climates where you experience freezes and thaws; or where you will be walking upon the rocks (stepping stones).

My Recommended Hypertufa Faux Rock Recipe


1 part portland cement
1 part builders sand
2 parts peat moss
Acrylic fortifying additive
Optional: Concrete dye colorants (read more on hypertufa colorants and concrete staining guides)
Enough water to make a mud-pie consistency


The acrylic fortifying additive is a “must do” as it helps make the rocks stronger. 

This product should be readily available wherever you are purchasing your Portland cement. (Quikrete’s brand is called “Concrete Acrylic Fortifier” and comes in 1 quart and 1 gallon bottles.)


If you are planning on using your faux rocks around a pond’s edge, MAKE SURE you carefully follow this information: How to Properly Cure Hypertufa

You DO NOT want any leaching of lime into your pond’s water. Lime is very detrimental to plants and fish!


Make sure you’ve read this information on how to properly mix hypertufa ingredients. 

As with any ‘tufa project, a successful outcome when mixing up this faux rock recipe is dependent upon the proper ratio of ingredients: Hypertufa Mixing Guidelines: Tips to Help You Avoid Unnecessary Mistakes