Creative DIY Summertime Wreaths

Dress Up Your Garden –
Make a Pretty or a Funky Wreath


Sometimes there are DIY garden art ideas that I come across that are worth sharing. 


And today is one of those instances. 


I was wondering what I wanted to write about, and when I saw these two ideas I just had to pass them on to you.


This canning jar lids (you know – just the outside rims) wreath is so darn creative! I think it looks great! I love it because it is so funky, it repurposes old lids that would get thrown away, and is oh-so-easy to make!


You could use an old wire hanger that you’ve cut off the very top part where it’s twisted to form the hook part; straighten out the wire; then fashion it into a circle. 


String on the canning jar lids, then twist/secure the wire ends. Voila! Hang it on a garden wall or outside structure for a fun focal point.

This next one might be a little more challenging to make. It is very pretty to look at, but better than that you fill it with edible herbs! 


You will have to provide pockets of dirt in order to stick in the herbal plants. I do agree that you’ll have to spend a little time thinking out the “how-tos” in order to make it, but still, this edible herbal wreath is very doable DIY project.



Obviously you’ll want to to hang this wreath in semi-shade and where you can water it without worry of dripping water causing a problem. It might not last an entire summer, but I think it is quite pretty so worth thinking about as a possible DIY garden art project to try.


In case you’ve never made an indoor or outdoor wreath before, you’ll need to buy a grapevine or wire frame to attach other elements to. In instances like the herbal wreath above, use a grapevine frame. I love using grapevine wreath frames because they are natural, and lend a very natural effect to the finished wreath. Of course there will be times you will want to cover the entire frame with flowers or other items, thus a simple wire frame will easily serve the purpose.

I have made many wreaths over the years for myself or friends. I use thin floral wire — it’s normally green, wrapped on a flat “spool,” and comes in different gauges — that I cut into the desired lengths to attach the flowers, decorations, etc. onto the frame. 

You’ll find frames and the wire and other wreath making supplies at places like the craft department at Wal-Mart, or craft stores like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby.

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