DIY Bamboo Bench Idea

A Very Cool Do-It-Yourself Idea for a Spectacular Bamboo Bench


Wow, I came upon this too-cool bamboo bench in my online trek through various garden blogs and websites today. 


There are so many creative DIY ideas sitting out there, helping to inspire those of us who love to “make it ourselves” or who want to save a few bucks, thus “MUST make it ourselves!”


Over at Pile Isle – Elena Goray I saw this bamboo bench. It is so beautiful in its simplicity.

I started thinking how one of these could be constructed and that with a little patience and ingenuity in figuring out how to keep all the poles tightly held together, you could make a great little, or large bench like this. In the photo here it is easily seen that the poles are held together by what appears to be metal straps or bands. How the straps are joined at the ends needs to be figured out – do you think they soldered or welded the ends together? Maybe there are special connectors for this purpose – I don’t know.


You might also want to approach joining the poles in another way – like lashing them together. Yes, yes … you’ll likely need to have the proper kind of power tools to do it this way. I will say you’ll definitely need a good power drill to drill holes through the poles in order to wire them together – that is unless you want to try and wrap them Japanese-style with a strong and non-rotting cord.


To cut out the seating section you’ll certainly need a power saw and maybe even a reciprocating saw. Or if you’re the mechanical engineering type, then I guess you could figure out how many poles are needed; how many need to be cut to this or that desired length; then how you’ll put the whole bench together.

Finally for the stability of the bench, a base of sorts needs to be constructed. 


Perhaps that can be made from some regular lumber (use treated lumber so it won’t rot) – maybe pieces of 2 x 6 would work well. Or maybe a couple short pieces of bamboo can be placed on the underside, spaced far enough apart to keep the rounded bench from rolling. I have a feeling that’s what was done on this bench, judging by what I see in the photo.


Anyway … I just thought I share this with you as I’ve never seen anything like this before. Enjoy.

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