Easy DIY Fruit Feeder

Make a Hanging Fruit Feeder


Birds love fruit, did you know that? 


Why not make a simple summer bird feeder? 


I first saw one of these hanging from a tree branch in a friend’s backyard. She had made sure to hang it where she had a good view of it from her favorite “bird watching” window. 🙂

I’ve suggested this idea to other friends who did give it a try and all said, “Cool! The birds are lovin’ it!”

You’ll find that songbirds, and many other types of birds like woodpeckers and bluebirds will be visiting your fruit feeder to nibble at the fruit pieces.

I suggest you try orange halves, as my birds seemed to really go after those, but apples are another welcomed fruit. Experiment and see what does or doesn’t attract birds.

All you need is a short piece of dowel, a length of twine, string, or coated wire, and a piece of fruit. Sharpen one end of the dowel, pierce a piece of fruit, then knot the ends of a piece of string or wire around the dowel ends, and voila! Hang the feeder outside from a tree branch or other conspicuous place.

Make sure your dowel isn’t too fat or too thin. If you’ve got a power drill, you could drill a hole near either end to slip the wire or cord through before securing. It’s up to you — keep it super-simple or drill the holes. (I vote for EASY – so I just twisted the wire I was using very securely on either end.)

If you don’t have a dowel, a nice piece of branch will also work. That lends itself to a more rustic look.

Or … if you just plain don’t care about taking the time to make a hanging fruit feeder, then just sit a piece of fruit out where the birds can find it.

Happy bird watching!

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