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Get A Better Handle On The Whole Mixing Process


I continually try to provide clear and concise hypertufa information for you on my website. To that end, I found this short 5-minute video containing some top tips on hypertufa recipe mixing that I felt I should add to my site I believe it will give all you beginners a pretty good idea of how much water should be added into the dry ingredients.

You know, just about the biggest problem (next to hypertufa curing mishaps) encountered by beginning hypertufa crafters is the ratio of water required to get the right consistency. Though not completely in the category of “rocket science” (ha ha), nevertheless a concrete mixture is very dependent upon just the right amount of water to make it set, or cure, correctly.


If it is any consolation to those of you who might be reading this article because you are frustrated with hypertufa recipe problems … I can tell you even seasoned pros in the commercial concrete industry can make mistakes when they are blending up the dry ingredients with the water.


If you’ve ever seen crumbling or flaking sidewalks, commercial walkways or such … well there you have it. An improperly portioned recipe was mixed up and used!

Anyway, I certainly understand the value of being able to learn by watching, and with hypertufa that holds true for most of us, too. If you are like me, I can learn a new skill a lot quicker if I can see what I’m supposed to do, rather than read scads of written instructions.

Proper Hypertufa Recipe Mixing


Water Ratio Is Such A Key Factor For Successful Hypertufa Projects


Alright … Let’s Watch The Hypertufa Video


This video is provided by the “Garden Time” TV program aired in Oregon. In this video, you’ll get a good look at how to mix up a hypertufa recipe. More importantly, you’ll see how the demonstrators add and blend in the water.

I hope you found this video informative. I think it is. 😉


I do have to say though that I have one main issue with this video … there is NO mention about the 10-minute rest period after you get everything mixed up. Most all accomplished hypertufa crafters will walk away from their wet hypertufa recipes for about 10-minutes. This important step allows the dry ingredients to absorb the water. You’ll know if you need to add a little more water, or a little more of the dry ingredients, to end up with a nice working consistency.


This 10-minute waiting period has proved to be invaluable to my projects and has often meant the difference between a failure and a success. Read more about mixing so you can get it right: Guidelines For Mixing Hypertufa


The only other thing, though I know this video really focuses on the mixing process, is that you do want to add a drainage hole in the bottom of any ‘tufa container or trough that you plan to plant in. I will say however, you can see a big round drainage hole in one of the pots in this video.


Remember: Have Fun With All Your Hypertufa Projects!

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