Hypertufa Solid Garden Spheres

You Can Utilize Left-Over Recipe Ingredients For This Craft Project


A Garden Sphere Made With Hypertufa Or Concrete Is Always An Interesting Garden Art Decoration.

This project is really not too much of a challenge to have come out looking great. 



Even young children can have the fun of making a sphere (with an adult’s supervision for sure–no ifs, ands, or buts!) :-)


I must stress that there ALWAYS be adult supervision. Some of the ingredients in both the hypertufa and concrete recipes are caustic. So please review my Safety Instructions Page before proceeding any further!

hypertufa ball

Keep in mind that if you are making a solid sphere, it’s going to be weighty the larger it gets. 


So if you’re like me and tend to make larger objects as opposed to smaller sized objects, remember you’ll have to be able to lift and move your creation at one time or another. If it’s going to be really large, you may want to make it where you wish it to reside in your garden.


Or, think about making your garden sphere hollow. Yes, it’s a bit more of a challenge to accomplish, and there are a few more materials needed, but you certainly will eliminate a lot of the weight. Please click here to read: How to Make a Hollow Garden Sphere

Solid Garden Sphere Tips


Making Solid Garden Spheres Isn’t At All Difficult


There Really Aren’t Any “Sphere Secrets” That Are Needed To Have A Successful Project


There really isn’t a secret to having a successful outcome to this project, other than the fact that I’m sure you do want your garden sphere to be as symmetrically round as possible. This can be accomplished very easily.


A popular method is:

Use an old soccer, volley or basket ball for the form. Cut the ball in halves. Line the halves with plastic or use a release agent. Click here: Mold Preparation How-Tos


Fill halves with your hypertufa or concrete mixture. Smooth off and level the tops of each half as much as possible. Allow to cure enough so that you are able to remove the halves from the forms without causing any indentions to the damp mixture.


Now, GLUE the two halves together with a mixture of your ‘tufa or concrete.

Another method:


Take a generous amount of your desired mixture; form it into a ball; let it partially cure. Continue to add layer upon layer of your mixture until you achieve the desired circumference.

Whether you’re using concrete or hypertufa, follow standard Curing Techniques as explained in this informative article.


That’s All There Is To This Easy Project. Have Fun!

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